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Frequently Asked Questions

Number ONE Question:

How do I reserve the gazebo?  


If you need additional information or guidance, please contact our property manager at Foster Premier: 

Janel Santilli at (847-484-2119)



1. Who do I call regarding assessments for the HOA? 

Lakepointe #1 HOA is managed by Foster Premier Inc. and they can be contacted at 750 Lake Cook Rd. Suite 190, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089. Our property manager is Janel Santilli.

2. What is an assessment and why do I have to pay it?

A Budget is a financial plan for an organization - in this case, a Community Association.  A budget provides an estimate of a community's revenue and expenses for a specified period of time.  It is the first step in your community's financial operations.  The assessments for Lakepointe are configured by percentage of ownership.  

Owner Assessments:  An assessment is the owner's financial obligation to the community association during a given period of time.  An assessment covers the cost of maintenance and administration of the association as well as putting some money towards reserves for future repairs and replacements.

3. What happens if I do not pay my assessment?

Payments are due the 1st of each month. If the for any reason, the association has not received your payment by the 10th of the month, you will be charged a $50.00 late fee which will be added to your account due the next month. Every late assessment will be fined at the same rate.

If a homeowner's account is 30 days past due, management will send a 30 day written demand letter. If after that 30 day period, payment has not been received, that account will be turned over to our attorney for collection and an additonal $75.00 administration fee will be added to the account. All expenses incurred for collection are charged to the delinquent homeowner’s account. Any remaining unpaid assessments and fines will become a lien on your property.

4. Can I opt out of the Association?

No. You are automatically a member of the association when your purchase your townhome in Lakepointe.

5. How do I sign up for automated payments of my assessment?

You can easily set up automatic payments by registering via the Foster Premier website ( First logon and click "Register" for online access.  You will receive an email confirmation within a few days (if not, check Spam or Junk).  Once registered, check the status of your account by clicking the "Homeowner" button.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions about my unit, my statement or the community?

Please contact Foster Premier.  Your questions will be answered in a timely manner.

7. Who do I call for maintenance on or repairs to my unit?

Please contact Janel Santilli or leave a note in the box next to the door at the maintenance shed.

8. What maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner vs. the Association?

Homeowners are generally responsible for the following:

Maintenance, repair and/or replacement of items such as all glass surfaces; exterior doors; exterior light bulb replacement; windows; screens; interior paint; floor covering, decorating and personal property.

Maintaining your lots in good condition, such as watering all trees, shrubs and flower beds.

The Association’s responsibilities include maintenance, repair and or replacement of the following:

Garage and front porch light fixtures; roof, roof flashing; siding/trim outer walls; painting and staining of exterior doors, trim, decks and railings; gutters and down-spouts of dwellings; exterior caulking; outside water spigots; mowing, fertilizing, weed-killer, and sod replacement; trimming and replacement of trees; trimming, replacement and cultivation of shrubbery; snow-plowing of streets, driveways, sidewalks and stoops; maintenance, repair or replacement of driveways, walks, door stoops, patios, decks and railings; mailboxes.

9. What is the snow removal policy?

Snow will be removed from driveways, walks, stoops and the association owned streets after a snowfall of two inches or more. All cars must be removed from driveways and visitor parking areas or these areas will not be cleared. Salt will be applied to the walks and street if it is deemed necessary. Any salting of walks or driveways may also be done by the homeowner, with salt provided by the association. Contact the management company to have a salt bucket delivered or refilled at your residence.

10. Who is responsible for the mailbox?

Make a copy of your mailbox keys. For lost keys, the Wauconda Post Office/Mail Carrier will direct you to a locksmith. However, touch base with the mailman to arrange when he will be able to meeet you to have the new lock installed. The association is responsible for mailbox repairs.

11. If I see vandalism in the neighborhood, whom should I call?

Please immediately report any suspicious activity or on-going vandalism to the Wauconda Police at 847-526-2421 or call 911. For vandalism found “after the fact,” please contact Foster Premier.

12. The tree beside my unit has broken limbs or is dying; what should I do?

Please contact Foster Premier, or leave a note in the box next to the door at the maintenance shed. Be as specific as possible about the location of the problem on your property (name, date, description and specific area).

13. Vegetation growth is blocking my view of the lake. Can I cut it down?

No. You may NOT trim or cut any vegetation on the property.  Complete a work order or contact Foster Premier.

14. Is fishing in the lake permitted?

Yes. Fishing is allowed on the fishing pier and along the sea wall. Fishing is not allowed on the docks or on the beach. Rules and size allowances for keep and/or catch and release are posted near the boat launch.

15. May I add lighting to my front walkway?

You must submit a drawing of your plans to the board through the property manager and receive written permission before installation.

16. Is it permissible to change the landscaping by my unit?

Any changes to landscaping plans are to be submitted to the Board for approval. Any changes, if approved are at the cost of the homeowner. Owners are responsible for care and maintenance of all beds where they put plantings. Once owners no longer want their garden, they are responsible for restoring the area to its original condition. No vegetable or fruit plants are permitted unless planted in containers.

17. I want to replace my windows or my screen door. Whom do I contact?

Replacement windows and doors must be in accordance with Lakepointe's architectural standards.You must submit diagrams and/or photos from your vendor/manufacturer with your request form, prior to approval by the Buildings, Grounds and Beach Committee. See the FORMS section of the website for specific details

18. May I add a satellite dish to my unit?

Yes, Please contact Foster Premier for information regarding placement of the dish. No dishes are allowed on the roofs or on common ground property.

19. My garage door has been hit by a car. Will the association repair this?

No. The repair is the responsibility of the homeowner.  However, the spring and tracks are the association's responsibility. Our approved vendor is Overhead Garage Door. Contact Foster Premier.

20. What is the process for enlarging or building a deck?

Prior to starting this project, submit a request to Foster Premier, as advance approval by the Buildings, Grounds and Beach Committee is required.

21. Who is responsible for staining my deck?

The Association is responsible for the maintenance of the desks, including the staining and sealing.

22. When can I place your garbage at the curb?

Garbage pickup is on Thursdays.  It may not be placed at the curb prior to sunset the night before pickup and all garbage must be contained in a garbage can. Emptied containers must be removed from the curb the day the garbage is picked up. If a holiday falls on Thursday, pickup will be Friday.  Should a big snow storm occur earlier in the week, the pickup day may fall on a Friday.

23. How do I voice a complaint about my neighbor or the community property?

All complaints must be submitted in writing to Foster Premier. They will offer guidance in resolving the issue.

24. May I park my car in the visitor’s parking area?

Yes, however, please review the Lakepointe Rules for further information. Leaving the visitor's parking area open on weekends for guests is requested. 

25. Can I park my vehicle on the street overnight?

No. Overnight parking on Village streets (Edgewater Lane and  Hill Street) is prohibited--unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owners' expense. There is no parking on streets designated as cul de sacs, as these are fire lanes and must be kept clear for fire department vehicles.

26. May I walk my dog on common property?

Yes. However, pet owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets and placing bagged dog waste into your own garbage cans. All dogs must be on a tethered leash.  All Village ordinances concerning pets must be obeyed. Limited common elements (i.e. patios, entry walkways and driveways) should be off limits to dog walking.

27. Why do garage doors need to remain closed?

There are several reasons--it helps to prevent crime.  It keeps unwanted creatures out of your garage and home.  It presents a more pleasant view for your neighbors.  It protects pipes from freezing in wintertime.

28. Why do I have to get approval before making any improvements to my property?

Landscaping, decks, patios and satellite dishes are some of the things that require prior approval. Some things are not permitted by the association. By obtaining approval, you are assured that your modification is in compliance with the association requirements. Any modification not approved in writing prior to installation is subject to fine as well as removal at the homeowner’s expense. Be safe and get approval before starting on any project.

29. When are Board meetings held and where?

Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, starting at 6:30 PM. The location is Acres Enterprises, 610 W Liberty St., Wauconda.

30. I would like to serve on the Board or Committee. Are there special requirements?

An elected Board member or Committee member must be a property owner.The Board is always interested in new participants. All that is required is some of your time and an interest in Lakepointe. Please contact the management company and share your interests. They will be communicated to the Board.

31. Where can I find a complete list of all the regulations governing Lakepointe?

Every homeowner should receive Lakepointe Declaration, Covenants and By-Laws which were passed over to them from the previous owner of their unit. 

If you do not have this booklet, you can order a copy by visiting  This must be passed on to the new owner if you sell your unit. You can access these documents on the website in the Rules/By-laws/Insurance section and print out a FREE COPY.

32. May I rent my unit either with or without a lease if I am no longer living there?

Leases are permitted as outlined in Article XII of the Lakepointe#1 HOA Declaration, Covenants and By-Laws document.

33. Snow Removal Policy

Summary of Snow Removal Operation:  Snowfall to 4 inches:  When expecting a snowfall of 2” or more, plowing operations will begin no later than 2 hours after the end of the snowfall. If the snowfall is 4” or less, snow plowing will not commence until snowfall has ceased. Snowfall of 4.1 Inches to 8 Inches, the intent is to have allsnow operations completed 8 to 10 hours after the snow has stopped falling. Snow plow operations will begin at approximately 4 inches of accumulation depending upon duration and severity of the storm. Snowfall 8 or more Inches: Snow events to this magnitude will be handled to the best capabilities of the personal and the equipment. Please note; if you have your car on the driveway, the driveway will not be plowed. Guest areas will be plowed no later than the following day.

Salt can be requested from the maintenance team. If you require additonal assistance during a storm ask to be placced on the priority list.

34.  Website Surfing Instructions:

The left hand BLUE vertical menu bar has many categories. Hover over the category you would like to view and click to open.  Within each page you will find a vertical tab listing. Choose the tab you want to explore and click to find various entries.

35.  I have a question not listed here--whom do I call?

Our property manager, Janel Santilli is here to help!  Contact info is at the top of this document.

Contact Info: Lakepointe1 HOA Web Admin